Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Day 11- May 11th: A girl who knows nothing about cars....

Today I went to get my car fixed. Well....I went to get the tires rotated (which I thought would fix the problem,) and the oil changed. It did not fix the problem. The car is making a terrible grinding sound, especially when i turn. I called Turbo Tim's mostly because the main auto guy looks like a hippie, and the place had really good reviews for being honest, fast, and cheap. They said it's most likely a issue with my wheel bearing. I looked it up and it shouldn't cost TOO much to get fixed, but i'll have to cut back even more on spending for awhile. Instead of getting 1-2 drinks when i go to the bar I'll have to cut back to 0-1 :( But nothing can get my spirits down because of The Radiators show this weekend and the Barn Show next weekend :)

On the plus side I got some great things at Fleet Farm today. I know I'm supposed to be cutting back on my spending, but both items were quite inexpensive. Pictures below.
A green bay packer bumper sticker for $1.99.

Also, a pepper plant growing kit for $3.29. A great deal if I'm able to actually grow them, and the rabbits don't get to them first.

I already have a tomato plant thanks to my wonderful mother, and it's growing fairly well. I plan to transplant it to the ground in a few weeks. Currently I'm bringing it inside at night and putting int outside to get sun during the day. 

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