Monday, May 16, 2011

Day 16- May 16th: A New Book :)

Today I started reading a new book. Well two new books. I started the 4th Harry Potter book and ended up checking out a book called "The Way We Are" by Allen Wheelis. I read the introduction and the first chapter (on the nature of man,) and am loving it. I also read 220 pages of Harry Potter, but I posted some quotes from "The Way We Are" below.

“and as we deceive ourselves, we deceive also others. Self-awareness comes into being in the midst of struggles for power and is immediately put to use. One defends one-self, or seeks advantage, by misrepresenting oneself. One doesn’t think about it; it happens instantly, automatically. Inalienable. It is not possible to abstain. One cannot be oneself. To be human is to be false. Awareness in inseparable from misrepresentation. The soul of self-awareness is deception.
-A long one, a know, but so truthful. We are blind to who we truly are.

“The most important things about human life we come upon from within and can know only from within.”
-Self discovery if you will....

"All of our limits are variables, all are within our control. We may draw them in closer or push them out farther.”
- this was talking about what we define as "Good Choices." This quote just made me think how insanely individualized what we consider appropriate is.  

“In animals, fear is episodic; in humans, because of their enlarged consciousness, fear is constant. Even in our pleasures, our triumphs, fear is a lurking presence."
- I love this one. It's just so truthful. Fear is always there, no matter what. 

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