Friday, May 20, 2011

Day 19- May 19th: Grades

So today all my grades were finally posted. Thank god! it's about time I was done with classes 2 weeks ago. Anyway I was quite surprised :P I slacked off this semester. Maybe it was turning 21, maybe it was senior slide, or maybe it was just that I thought a lot of my classes were complete and utter bullshit. Anyway when I got my midterm update for my freshman level course over spring break and realized I was getting a C+ I started to get my ass in gear. I worked super duper hard on my final projects and studied a lot for my finals. Looks like it payed off. I some how managed a 4.0 this semester, don't ask me how, which brought my GPA up to what I hoped it would be  (assuming I don't do too poorly in my writing intensive summer class) :) So what do I get for all my efforts? A medal. A simple medallion on the end of a ribbon. Hurray for graduating with honors! And of course my self satisfaction.

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