Friday, May 20, 2011

Day 20- May 20th: Thoughts about technology

People used to talk face to face. Now we text, we post on facebook walls, or send e-mails. Our world has gotten so impersonal. I'm both victim and perpetrator when it comes to this impersonalization. Sure all these technologies have made life easier in some sense. It's nice to be able to text someone at a concert to let them know where you are, or let someone know you are in class and will call them later. sending out a mass email is much easier than calling each individual person. But when a relationship is completely based on technology something is wrong. Emotions get lost in the text. Sarcasm is taken seriously, frustration comes off as anger, and love can only be truly expressed through multiple means. Looks, touch, voice. Words alone don't bring the full effect.
It's time for me to start getting more personal. Or try at least. Anyone else sick of all the bullshit that comes with technology?

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