Monday, May 30, 2011

Day 28- May 28th: Graduation Celebration

today my parents came down to celebrate my graduation (even thought i don't graduate until August.) We went out for breakfast at Hard Times first to celebrate Mothers/Fathers day. this was quite the experience for them, but i think they enjoyed the food.

We then went to the zoo, to please my niece. She loved it.
"Driving" the Alligator
Doing the "scrub your pants" dance.

 Everyone was quite exhausted after this, but my dad had promised Kaydence "icy cream," so we headed to Conny's Creamy Cone. This place was awesome. They had 20 flavors of soft serve and flurries, sundaes, shakes/malts, and typical grill food.

We were all wiped after this so we headed back to my parents hotel room for a short break before heading to dinner at Shuang Cheng, our favorite chinese place for my celebration dinner. I had sesame tofu, which was amazing! As a graduation present my parents are going to buy my a real desk. My current desk is part of the house (literally attached to the wall.) It's also far too tall for me, so i've just been doing my homework in my bed.

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