Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day 24- May 24th: Acomplishing things

I already know that in a few weeks this blog is going to be sitting by the way side and I will hardly find time to write in it. Things are already getting way more busy. Anyway today I had off of work and got a lot done. I aired out my tent/tarp/sleeping bag from this weekend, went for a 3.5 mile run, and looked at a few houses with some of my future roommates.

We found one we loved:) This house has a lot of nice space, including medium sized rooms, a large living room, dining room, kitchen and basement.When I texted the guy asking him how we could get a hold of applications he said his wife (she showed us the house) loved us so much that we didn't need applications, and asked me when we could sign the lease. I'm so glad we found something so fast, because the last thing I need hanging over my head while I start my new job and summer school is finding time to search for a house.

I was also contacted by my future employers and found out they will definitely need me full time, and want me to come out this thursday to meet the other girl I will be working with. They also want me to try to find time to go talk to all the teachers so I can work out a tutoring program for their kids. Not sure when I'll have time to create the lessons plans, but i'll try my best.

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