Thursday, May 5, 2011

Day 5- May 5th

Today was a rough day. The teacher I work with gave me and the other practicum student in my classroom the morning off to study for our finals. This was nice, but there was no way to prepare for the first final. It was awful, I guessed on over half of the questions. My teacher told me it would be general and comprehensive, but it was so specific. Specific to the extreme, about things we never even went over in class. The second final was alright. I came home and started drinking. Stout, and lots of it. We grilled out and I had the roses on.  This song came on and described exactly how I felt.

One More Love Song- by Leon Russell

Gonna sing you one more love song
While I’m feeling this way
Where your mind sometimes protect you
But your heart won’t do the same

So I’m down on my knees
Put my problem in God’s hand
Give me the strength to carry on
And the heart to understand

I’ll love you forever till the end of all time
Past all infinity, babe I’m dying
To love you forever, oh, say that your mine
Sweet Holy Trinity at the end of a line

Well, baby, I’m trying
I’m trying to understand
Well, I’m trying to stand back far enough
To see the master plan

Gonna say it one more time
Then I guess I’ll just let it stand
For the least that I can say
Is Heaven is in your hand

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