Monday, May 16, 2011

Day 15- May 15th: A crazy woman at rainbow!

I was up until 4:30am after the Radiators show, but being unable to sleep in I still woke up at about 10. I made myself a delicious strawberry banana smoothie and after about an hour of being up I crawled back into bed and watched the second Harry Potter movie. I got up at around 2 and went for a quick run. After this I made a quick trip to the grocery store. This was a crazy trip to the store. all the isles were super crowded, the lines were super long, and there was a huge dispute between a lady and her boyfriend. He had apparently threatened to shoot her and she had freaked out and started yelling loud enough that I could hear her swearing all the way at the opposite end of the store. Her boyfriend left, but she continued to yell loudly for another 20 minutes or so. The employees didn't know how to handle her and her not family appropriate language. I'm sure my friends from Lunds would have handled it much better. Anyway I went home and had some salmon on the grill and talked to Rich about how great the concert was. I was going to head to my brothers show, but was so extremely exhausted and nauseous that I crawled into bed.I assumed I was hungover, but i'm still nauseous today (the 16th), due to woman issues. grrr.... i hate being a woman. Also I found this really cool photo online. just thought i'd share

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